CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                                                              2003-2004


Mr. Dude’s Classroom



Do you want to be successful in this class?  If so, follow these five suggestions:

  1. Genuinely attempt all of the assigned work,
  2. Correct mistakes and figure out why you did them wrong,
  3. After you figure out why you did a problem wrong, practice it several times the right way,
  4. Ask questions when you don’t understand something, and,
  5. Attend class on time, every day.


Have you ever watched a basketball player practicing free throws, or a pianist learning a difficult passage?  They may get things wrong again and again, but eventually they get it right.  At that point do they stop?  NO!  They know that in order to improve, they must practice things the RIGHT way.  When you get a set of problems wrong, and then get your misunderstanding corrected in class, or figure out on your own what you had been doing wrong, you must practice this new technique!  Don’t assume that you will remember how to do something the right way without practicing it.  Practice, practice, practice!  Read the “Learning Mathematics” essay for more information on being successful in math.


Expectations: You are expected to come to class prepared and ready to work.  This includes having the homework assignment complete and having all necessary materials (pen/pencil, paper, textbook, etc.). You are expected to be in your assigned seat with materials ready when the bell rings.  You should begin work on the daily QuickStart problems as soon as class begins.  You are expected to put forth consistent, quality effort throughout the course.  It is your responsibility to seek additional help when needed.  Any behavior that detracts from a student’s ability to learn or my ability to teach will not be tolerated.


Teacher Availability: I am available in Room 619 before and after school and during my prep period.  As I often have commitments after school (Chess Club, Key Club, meetings, etc.), you may want to check with me if you plan to come in outside of class.


Attendance: Attendance in class is crucial to success.  Therefore, absences must be kept to an absolute minimum.  Make-up work from excused absences must be completed as soon as possible with a maximum of two days for each day missed. Make-up work should be obtained from another student, the web site, or the teacher (without interrupting the class). Part of being a responsible student includes notifying the teacher if you know you will be absent. Students receiving an unexcused absence will receive no points for the work they missed while absent.

A student who arrives late to class, within the first 10 minutes, is considered tardy and will receive a one-hour after school detention.  Three unexcused tardies in the same class will be considered an unexcused absence.  A student who arrives unexcused after the first 10 minutes of class, or not at all, is absent unexcused and will receive a one-hour after school detention and/or a Saturday Morning Detention. For additional information on the attendance policy, refer to the Student Handbook.

Part of being prepared for class includes obtaining an “Admit Slip” if you were absent—no matter what the reason.  If you are late to class, or must leave class, to obtain an “Admit Slip”, you will be given an unexcused tardy.  There is often a long line at the attendance office immediately before school.  If you need to obtain an “Admit Slip,” plan ahead to go to the attendance office before the line forms.  You may also receive an unexcused tardy if you arrive at class unprepared and must leave class to get your book, homework, etc.


Web Site: You will be assigned a PIN with which you can access your grades on my web site.  You will not receive printouts of your grade. You are expected to check the website on a regular basis. At the web site there are other items, such as assignments, worksheets, and reviews.  The address of the site is http://www..com. Once you have received your PIN you will be expected to complete an information form available on the web site.


Daily Work: Your Daily Work should be kept in a notebook or three-ring binder.  Each day’s Daily Work must contain the day, date, and your name.  Each day’s work needs to be clearly separated from other days’ work. You will receive points for Daily Work when it is collected, through notebook quizzes and/or through daily quizzes.  To receive all of your points, you must have each day’s QuickStart, notes, and assignment complete and correct.  Any handouts should be kept with your Daily Work.


Assessment: In addition to Daily Work, you will be evaluated based on your performance on tests, quizzes, and projects.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  On most days there will be a very short Daily Quiz, usually worth 3 to 5 points. Quizzes and tests will make up the majority of your final grade.  On the last day of the term, the quiz grade that lowers your grade the most may be dropped.  You may not share a calculator on tests and quizzes without prior permission. Anyone caught cheating on a test or quiz will receive an automatic grade of “F” for the entire term.


Grading: Grades will be determined based on total points.  Points earned will be totaled, divided by the total points possible, and that percent will be rounded to the nearest integer.  Letter grades will be determined based on the Davenport Community School District grading scale:


















0% -




































Food and Drink: Food and drinks are acceptable as long as they do not become a problem.  Wrappers, cans, bottles, etc. must be properly disposed of.


Hallway Passport: Any time you must use the hallway during class time, you must complete your Hallway Passport, have it signed, and take it with you.


Electronic Equipment: Any unauthorized electronic devices (pagers, cell phones, etc.) that are seen or heard may be confiscated. Confiscated items may be picked up from a Dean (Room 425) by a parent/guardian after 2:35 pm.


Changes: Any changes to this syllabus will be announced in class and/or posted on the web site.