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About Mr. Dude

Mr. Dude was born in Springfield, Illinois and has lived in Illinois, New York, Michigan, and Arizona. He received his B.A. degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Cornell College in 1996. He began teaching in Clinton that fall. After teaching at Clinton High School for three years, and Iowa City West High School for one year, he taught at Bettendorf High School for one year. Mr. Dude currently teaches at Davenport Central High School.

Mr. Dude lives in Davenport with his wife, his daughter, and his hyperactive dog, Haley. Mr. Dude's wife is Resident Camp Director for Camp Conestoga, Girl Scouts of the Mississippi Valley.

Some of Mr. Dude's hobbies include canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, motorcycle riding, woodworking, and obviously, computers.

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